Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sandy's Day in Church

Sandy gasps as her mind estimates the girth and length of the huge man weapon. "It must be nearly eleven inches in length and the size of her forearm," she imagined. 

Sandy could feel her outer lips become dew coated. Her white satin panties were becoming soaked and she suddenly felt light headed. And then. her eyes made contact with the black man. He caught her in the act of staring at his crotch and her face became emerged in a deep crimson blush.

Sandy quickly looks away.As she consciously avoids eye contact with the black; her eyes catch the intense stare of her friend and her husband from across the church. She can see the frightened and anxious eyes and then quickly look away when she gains eye contact Sandy's emotions are racing. Can she secretly crave the long black weapon only an arm's length away.

How could she ever face her husband again if she allowed her carnal needs to take precedent over her marriage vows ? How ?

As her mind raced; as her emotions seemed to over power her; as her pussy lips became coated with their sweet smelling coating she had made the decision.

Although her decision had been made she had not reconciled how she was going to implement it. She had to be careful; although her husband could not satisfy her needs with his undersized and under powered white boy penis she did not want to cause him pain. She was certain that he could never cope with another man . . . . . . . . . . especially a virile black man to enter his precious wife.

She continued to struggle with the conflicts racing throughout her mind; and throughout her overheated body. Turning her head to face the black, she let her tongue slip between her brightly coated lips. When their eyes met she lowered them to her lap. Knowing that the black's eyes had followed hers, she innocently parted her tightly clasped knees and allowed the short white summer dress to rise even more, exposing the tender white silk thighs. She felt warm on this cool spring day as she continued to tease the muscular black man only ten inches away. She felt her chamber start leaking its precious fluid and felt as she was rapidly approaching a mind shattering climax and then...

Mercifully, the sermon finally concluded.

As several of Jim's co-workers workers filed past, Jim whispered in Sandy's ear that he needed to talk to a colleague. Sandy, realizing what he had just told her, tried to grab him as he rose. Her reflexes were far too slow in her aroused and agitated state.

She fell back in the pew feeling totally abandoned. As she dejectedly turned, the black had slid over and was nearly touching her overheated body. "Lose the wimp. I'll wait for you in my car; it's around back........."

She silently stared at his dark and menacing face attempting to understand what he had just told her. As she tried to comprehend what she had just been told, she feels his strong hand grasp her breast and give it a firm feel. Smiling, Jerome, turns and walks out of the church. His open fondling was not seen by anyone other than Sandy, and her friend, who sits quivering in the pew looking at the arrogant black walk down the aisle.

Sandy desperately longs for sensible reasoning to return to her aroused body and overwrought mind. She sinks back into the hard wooden pew and searches for her husband who is totally absorbed in conversation with one of his business colleagues. Sensible reasoning loses out to hot passion.

Sandy gracefully pulls her tight desirable body up and smoothes her scrunched up tight white dress. She walks down the aisle of the crowded church searching for an excuse to tell her husband. As she walked up the aisle she noticed that her friend had already hurriedly left.

"Jim, I am going with Phyllis and Andy. I will be home before supper. Love......" she softly told her husband.

Jim merely nodded, not paying any more attention today than was normal. He was too self absorbed in his own importance to notice his wife quickly depart out the back door.

The sun was bright and warm as she exited the back door. Sandy quickly reached for her sun glasses to cut the glare and mercifully seen the black seated in his 1967 White Mustang Convertible. The engine was running and she walked to the passenger side with a puzzled look on her face. "What was she doing, she continually asked herself? How could she leave a place of worship and plan to commit adultery with this arrogant black ?"

> Standing by the door, she looked at the black as if to ask why he wasn't getting out to open the door as her husband Jim would do.

"GIT IN," came the response.

The arrogant attitude cut thought the charade. This wasn't a date.. This was pure unadulterated dominance; a trait that the black was a master at. He broke the white women from the very first moment. He understood that once his black cock had tunneled it's long hard thickness into the tight and yielding womanhood that the illusion of romance would be over.

Hesitantly Sandy reached for the door handle; pulled the door open and slid into the white leather bucket seat. As she made her entrance her dress rose up her long silk covered thighs but she made no attempt at pulling the cloth of the skirt down. Thinking to herself that she would play with the black to enact a small degree of revenge for his recent slight, she embarked on a very dangerous game. A game where the black had never lost.. A game in which Sandy had never before played.

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