Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sandy's Day in Church

Sandy Jenkins and her husband Jim had attended the small Baptist church for all their lives. They had been married in the church only four years ago; four years of a very frustrating and unsatisfying marriage for the beautiful blonde wife of only twenty four. Her husband is impressively endowed with a nearly four inch manhood. And that manhood cannot reach the deep womb of the passionate and unfulfilled young wife. 

However, this Sunday will change the couple forever. As Sandy dresses for church, she wickedly pulls the white silk hose up her long tanned legs and snaps them to the thin white garter belt. Seductively, she smiles at her devoted and doting husband and feels the beginnings of her deep and unrelenting frustration, as she observes his under powered manhood start to stiffen and form a small and unimpressive tent in the front of his white boxer shorts.

Sandy turns, and pulls the white silk blouse over her small but perfect pear shaped breasts. Her nipples harden; but she knows deep down that even if her husband attempts to satisfy her needs she will remain unfulfilled, frustrated, and have the deep simmering anger fester deep inside her tight perfect body.

Jim rises and covers the short distance between them. He reaches around her back and gently caresses her tight nipples. Quickly, Sandy grabs his hands and harshly reprimands her now aroused husband, "Don't. You will only fail again and shoot that disgusting dribble in me. Besides we will be late for church."

Rebuffed; Again; Jim angrily turns and walks back to the closet, where he selects his well worn suit to accompany his beautiful wife to the small Baptist church.

The two sit silently as their car slowly makes it to the church on this beautiful sunny spring day. Fighting boredom, they trudge to the pew where they always sit. The white congregation in the middle class suburb of Biloxi, Mississippi are mostly bored. However, that boredom is nearly always broken when Sandy Hunter makes her way down the long aisle. Her sexy walk, and her short white summer dress catch nearly everyone's attention; both men and women alike.

The young seemingly perfect couple absently wait for the Minister to arrive, to deliver another one of his exceedingly boring and useless sermons. Just as the Minister arrives, a young powerfully black man takes a seat next to the petite young housewife. At first she is startled; normally her husband and her have the second pew to themselves as everyone else is too embarrassed to sit with them.

The young black, however, is not too embarrassed. In fact, as he sits down, he drips of supreme arrogance. He brazenly looks at the white silk covered knees and six inches of delightful thigh flesh of the stunning housewife. Unconsciously, she draws closer to her previously useless husband. The action is noticeable and Jerome, the young black man smiles at the surprised housewife. She returns his smile with a smirk and raises her nose, as she turns towards the stuttering dribble from the bored Minister.

Sandy has heard the rumors about the arrogant Black. She has heard about the three white wives that he has "had his way with". In fact, one of the women, who is in her church circle, confided in Sandy how the black seduced her; or more correctly forcefully implanted his seed deep within her willing womb. The two women had talked on many occasions. . . . . primarily about the fact that their own husbands were totally unable to arouse passion; unable to even marginally complete their husbandly duties. What stuck in Sandy's overwrought mind was the fact that her friend had described in great and loving detail the passion; no the unbridled raw lust that the black had unleashed on her ravished body.

Her friend had told her that the black had called her at work; and "ordered" her to go shopping for erotic lingerie and meet him at one of the seedier hotels in the black section of Biloxi. Tearfully, her friend had told her that although it was against everything she believed in . . . . . . . . . . she had succumbed. Succumbed to the large and powerful black cock and the domineering black master who owned it. Succumbed to the pleasure and escastcy that the masterful cocksman had pleasured her with. She related to Sandy that the black had totally conquered her; and made her his black cum slut. She could not resist his pleasure giving appendage. . . . . . .

Sandy was shocked when her white married friend described in detail the debauchery that she was forced to endure at the hands of her black master. Her black master had totally captured her mind, thoughts and tight white body. She had told Sandy of last week-end when she was forced to dress a total fuck slut and accompany her black master to Birmington where she was the entertainment for nearly a dozen of the black's business associates.

When Sandy felt she could no longer be shocked her friend had dropped the next bombshell. Sandy was told that her friend's husband was forced to act as the maid when the black came to visit. . . . . . to wear a bow tie . . . . . . and nothing else. After the black has filled his wife with black creme, he is then ordered to drop to his knees; clean the black weapon; and then suck his wife's pussy chamber of the ample deposit of the black's discharge.

As the sermon drags on the Black continues to brazenly stare at the young beauty and Sandy becomes overly self conscious. She fidgets and the squirming pushes the already short skirt higher and higher exposing more of her delightful warm flesh. She feels her nipples harden and her breathing becomes more and more labored. She allows her tongue to caress her lips and her eyes drop to the black's dark loose trousers. Startled, she can see the outline of his long hard cock creeping down his inner thigh reaching ever downward.

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