Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The car sped away. 

The black smiled. Yes.. This was the one. The one that he was searching forThe warm wind blew through Sandy's long blonde hair and she felt alive as the car sped through the open countryside. Neither of the two spoke for nearly ten minutes.

The black was the first. Turning he gave his first command, "Unbutton the top three buttons of your dress."

Sandy quickly digested the command. And then smiling she nimbly undid the top three buttons, and when completed parted her dimpled knees just slightly. Turning to the black she almost mockingly stated, "Did you think that I wouldn't ?"

Sandy felt daring as she toyed with the black. What she didn't understand is that you don't toy with a Cobra. A dangerous Cobra that is about to spring.

The black looked at the beautiful white wife seated next to him. The wind was playing havoc with her dress and he observed the small but perky breasts and nipples. The white silk bra was tight against the hardening nipples. The blood was running into the tips and causing them to become rock hard against the smooth cloth.

"Where are we going ?" Sandy finally asks.

"I'm taking you to the lake. It's where I take teasing white wives to give them their first taste of black cock." the black answers matter-of-factly.

The sharpness and directness of the answer catches Sandy by surprise. She leans back in the comfortable leather seat and quietly contemplates what she has set in motion.

The sleek car finally arrives at the remote section of the tree shaded lake and slides to a complete halt. The black opens his door and starts walking to the water's edge.

Sandy, suddenly tense and agitated meekly follows the blacks lead. As she approaches the black, she has buttoned up her dress and regaining her sense of morality quietly speaks, "I've changed my mind. I want you to take me back to the church. I will have my husband pick me up there."

Not turning to face the beautiful wife, Jerome merely gives his next command, "Take your dress off. I am ready to fuck you now bitch !"

"I guess you didn't hear me. I am ordering you to take me back to the church. I have no intention of having sex with you. You will do what I tell you or I'll call my husband and I assure you, you will regret it, when he meets up with you. Do you understand ?" Sandy arrogantly commands.

The rage is boiling in Jerome as he hears his latest acquisition give HIM orders. Controlling his anger, he quickly turns and spins placing himself between the car and Sandy. The rapid movement startles Sandy and she stumbles into the cold water of the lake's edge. She is still wearing her white four inch heels and the water comes up to her calves. Jerome walks one menacing step towards Sandy, who backs up even more with the water coming to nearly to her knees. The water is extremely cold and she starts shivering; desperately wanting to exit the cold lake. Her heels dig into the soft sand bottom. She has quickly determined that the upper hand has shifted; and not to her favor.

"I told you to strip your dress off. I want to see that pasty white body of yours before I plant my seed," reiterates the black master. As he finishes his command, he unbuckles his think black leather belt.

Sandy begs with her eyes. Her lips tremble from the cold............ Her lips tremble from the anticipation.

Her delicate fingers find the eyelet of the button hole and gently slip the button from its secure place. Each button in turn is unfastened. After several minutes the dress falls open from it's own weight.

The black feels a quick hardening as he sucks in the beauty of the trembling white wife in the cold lake water. The coldness has caused her nipples to harden even more and goose pimples coat her tight and firm body. Jerome steps back and with his index finger motions for her to exit the lake.

Her eyes lowered Sandy makes her way the several feet to the dry warm sand. She is only six inches away from the muscular black and feels his muscular hands slide the dress from her thin shoulders. The dress falls to the sand and Sandy keeps her eyes lowered.  She cannot look the black master in the eyes.

"You disobeyed me. Get on your hands and knees. You will be punished for your indiscretion." orders the black..

Sandy starts to protest; but then meekly turns and drops to her knees. She hears the belt being pulled from it's loops. Although she is still looking at the ground, she can sense as Jerome falls to his knees behind her. She feels his hands grip her at the waist.  . His thumbs and finger insert itself in her white satin panties The panties are slowly; so very slowly are dragged down her tight butt.

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