Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mrs. Jenkins,

Jerome shifts.......... The first smack is on Sandy's precious right ass cheek. Jerome uses his hand. The punishment spanking takes nearly ten minutes and when completed Sandy's tight ass buns are a bright crimson. There are small cuts and bruises and Sandy is begging for the punishment to stop.

"Don't ever question my orders again Mrs. Jenkins," came the casual directive.

Without thinking Sandy quickly answers, "I won't Master." After the response
Sandy's mind reacts; "Master ?" How could that response been so immediate ?

Sandy turns and sees that the Black is completely naked. Her eyes quickly focus on the huge manhood; only partially erect but reaching half way down his leg. She gasps as she contemplates the size when the manhood becomes truly angry.

Jerome senses the fear; the anticipation of the young white housewife. His anger has subsided and now he craves the next chapter of the book of domination.

"Suck IT," the order is direct and there is no room for mistake.

Still awestruck, Sandy rises to her knees and lovingly cradles the huge black cock. Her fingers find the peach size nuts hanging below the long black hardening cock. She brings the purple head to her lips and sucks the large organ into her mouth. Her tongue finds the pre cum and licks it off. As the tip is inserted into her warm oral chamber, her tongue caresses each part as she pays homage to the black manhood.

Sandy feels the tip grow within her mouth. Jerome merely stands with his legs apart and allows the young housewife to lovingly suck his hard black manhood deeper and deeper into her wet and warm oral crevice. Her delicate fingers lovingly caress his nut sack bringing them to a boil.

"You will swallow. Do not let any juice escape. When I shoot you will look into my eyes. I want to see your pretty married face when I fill your mouth with my spunk," came the now undisputed command.

Sandy had no intention of letting the spunk escape. She increased her suction and her hands tightened on the large black nut sacks. The eruption came suddenly and violently and she strained to keep all the precious man fluid to herself. As soon as the first blast hit the back of her throat, she obediently looked up from her knees into the mocking face of her new owner. As each scorching blast pelted her throat her eyes grew larger and she frantically sucked harder. At long last the discharge was complete and she momentarily fell back on her haunches only to be reminded of her raw and tender ass cheeks. She rebounded quickly and grasped the muscular black by the back of his thighs.

Sandy had released her mouth from the woman pleasing black cock but it still dripped it's sticky rope like spunk. The end of the rope caught Sandy's face and as she fell away the string of man cum followed her face.

Jerome looked down admirably to his latest conquest. The white housewife with her face streaked with cum was ready to start her training. He stroked his cock of the last vestiges of emission and let the spunk fall on Sandy's contorted face.

"Are you on birth control Mrs. Jenkins ?" Jerome softly asked.

"The pill makes me sick. I make my husband wear a condom," Sandy honestly answers.

"You are now mine. You will not allow him to fuck you with his pathetic little white boy cock. If he follows my dictates I may allow him to clean you after I service you. Do you understand ?" questions Jerome.

Sandy, kneeling in the warm sand with her pussy lips throbbing silently nods her head.

Sandy looks up to her master and pleadingly begs, "Will you fuck me Master ?"

A large sneer envelops Jerome's face. "Not today........ I will call you when I feel like it. I have a date with Phyllis later this afternoon. Andy needs another session in humility and I promised Phyllis a reward.............. For You."

After Jerome dressed, he slowly walked back to his car with Sandy obediently following her master. She has forfeited her bra and panties. Discretely, she has removed her white silk hose. The tears would be a give away.......... Her mind is rapidly contemplating how to tell Jim............

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