Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sandy's Day in Church

Sandy slides in beside Jerome and starts to button her dress. Jerome turns his stare to the beautiful white housewife and the stern look alone forces Sandy to drop her hands to her side. The top three buttons of the white summer dress remain open and exposes her small pert breasts to the Black's dark eyes. The cool spring day has caused the nipples to harden and Sandy squirms uncomfortably in the white leather seat. Her ass cheeks still burn from the harsh spanking she received at the hands of the black. Her mind vows to not disobey him again, as she tries to find a comfortable position.

The ride along the country lanes is silent. Jerome does not want to be bothered with idle prattle and Sandy tries to adjust to the new rules of her life. Never in her twenty four years has she ever been totally dominated by a man; especially one of color. Absently, she turns and takes in his six foot four inch solid muscular body. Her gaze then drops to his lap; under his loose fitting dress pants, rests the black monster that has only invaded her mouth. Her mind recalls the huge hard black steel rod as it forced it's way down her delicate throat and discharged a seemingly unending torrent of hot man creme.

Her mind drifts away and in the next instant it appears that she had arrived at her house. Her hands unconsciously come to the top of her dress and then she remembered the black's admonishment. She lets her hands fall to her side and she makes her way to the front door. She could feel her neighbor's eyes follow each step as the black casually followed along behind her. When she reached the door, she opened it and stepped inside the lavish great room.

Her husband, sitting in a large chair become somewhat befuddled. His beautiful wife stepped into the room with her dress partially undone with her bare breasts thrusting against the cloth and making their charms known. Only after several moments, did he see Jerome behind his wife and he suddenly arose and walked over to where they stood.

"What the hell is going on Sandy ?" questioned the irate husband. He was still in his puzzled state and could not comprehend the current situation.
"It's really quite simple. I saw your wife at church and concluded that she needed a real man; since you were such a dip shit it was really very easy to make your wife mine," stated Jerome matter-of-factly.

Rage boiled within Jim and he closed the distance between himself and the large muscular black. "I have a mind to give your black ass a thorough thrashing you fucking prick," he stated, as he waved his fist.

Jerome, merely stared through his dark eyes at the irate husband. Unbeknownst to the people in the small suburb, Jerome had a Masters Degree in Psychology and realized he was quickly gaining an advantage over the irate and humiliated husband.
Jim came to a sudden halt when Jerome refused to give ground. He realized that his five foot eleven inch, one hundred sixty pound frame would not fare well against Jerome's six feet four inch two hundred frame of iron. Rather meekly, given the circumstances, he then sort of whimpered, "I want you to leave my house."
Jerome became amused at the rapid developments and moved quickly to gain dominance over the now frightened husband. "I was going over to Phyliss' and Andy's this evening but I think I might stay here and breed Sandy. That is if you don't mind me sticking my cock deep into your wife's belly MR. JENKINS ?" Jerome stated in a mocking attitude. "I, . . . . . . . .. . . . . Please just leave.......... I want you to leave now....." continued the broken husband. "Take down your pants," countered Jerome.

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