Wednesday, February 10, 2010


My name is Amritesh. I am 27. I work with a local ad agency as a marketing executive. I am the only brother of my elder sister. My parents is no more. My sister is the head mistress of a local school.

It was my most favorite fantasy to have sex with a lady who is intelligent, highly educated, matured, and intellectual too. Because Most of the highly educated, intelligent woman spend more time on studies rather than on entertainment of life. Especially they ignore concentration on their sex life. It is a very common phenomenon. These ladies, when reaches their middle age, becomes excellent sex partners. Their ungratified hunger for sex drives them wild.

My sister divorced two years back. Being the head mistress of a famous girls school, didi was quite famous. She is a respectable lady in the town. My Father was a famous schoolteacher, poet, painter, and sculptor. Our family was quite famous. My didi has a black complexion and she looks beautiful because of her wit and personality.

I was in 10th standard that time. I used to watch lots of porno movies on television. It was my favorite pass time. I used to like to see screwing of a sexy woman, well, specially a black woman. The scene of a fair man’s dick, fucking the black hole of a lady was something I loved to see. My parents used to sleep together and I had my own room. One night, I woke at nearly at 1.30 to drink water. My parents’ room was adjacent to my room, separated by a common door. I heard a noise from their room. I thought papa must be doing some sculpture work. I was going back to my bed, suddenly I heard a scream. I was tensed. I opened the common door carefully to see if anything is wrong there. As looked at my parents’ bed, I was shocked. I saw that didi was on her four, completely naked and father was driving his dick fast into my didi’s cunt. I was very excited and got an instant hard on. My father’s dick was big and fair and didi was a black woman, possessing a black cunt. The scene of a fair dick entering and leaving a black pussy escalated me to the maximum excitement. I was observing the dream sex scene of life in reality.

I just went back to my bed for a much needed masturbation. For next few days I could not be easy with my parents. Whenever I tried to interact with them, I could visualize them making love. After sometime things became normal.

The incident took place almost 2 years back. My father has died and my didi stays with us. She is 28 now.

I am watching TV. Didi was taking shower and now she is in her room as I heard her coughing. I proceeded to our kitchen to make a cup of tea. While passing my didi’s room I saw the door was slightly open. I threw a casual look at the room and I got a shock to see something. My didi was standing naked massaging cosmetic moisturizer all over her body. She was looking stunningly beautiful. She was bit fat. Her breasts were huge and round. Her hips were very big and provoking. Her blackbody was shining because of the moisturizer she applied. I stood there spell bound. My god, what a scene I am watching. I am watching a tribal love goddess perhaps. Suddenly didi bend forward to apply the cream on her knees and I got an unobstructed view of her cunt lips. Didi’s name is Kalpona. Which means imagination. I thought how appropriate the name is as she has created wild imaginations in her own son’s mind.

The next morning, I woke up bit early. While going to toilet, I heard the sound of television from my didi’s room. I could not check my curiosity to peep into her room. I was right. She was watching a blue film and she was masturbating putting 2 fingers in her cunt.

After 3 hours when, didi left for her school, I entered her room. I found many porno magazines in her cupboard. My god, I never imagined about this side of my sister. Who would believe that Mrs. Kalpona Biswas, head mistress of a renowned school, is hungry for sex like anything at the age of 28? Today’s event reminded me the scene I have seen 2 years back. The scene ignited my lust for my didi, which was remaining suppressed for years. Then I realized that, I am dying to sleep with my didi. I know it is not possible and it is sin too. Having sex with own mother is the nastiest thing in our society. I was bit upset.

That night, I was trying to behave normal with didi but I could not. Didi also observed that. She asked, “ What is wrong beta? Why are you looking upset?”

I smiled and said, “ Nothing”. Then I started to discuss about the latest novel of one of the famous writers with her.

She had a vast knowledge about literature. After sometime we proceeded to our respective bedrooms. After half an hour, I again hard a moaning sound form my mother’s room. I was sure that she was watching a porno film. I understood that it is in her daily routine to watch porno films and masturbate twice. I felt sorry for didi as she was missing an exciting sex life with dad. Perhaps the married life of my wife and me also has created some impulses on her loneliness. It was 1.30 then I was still awake as it was difficult for me to sleep. Her sexy body had occupied the entire span of my thought. My wife was not with me, and sexy didi was watching porno at the next room. It was too much to bear.

I woke up from the bed to have a glass of chilled water. While moving to the fridge, I saw my mother’s bedroom door was open but lights were switched of. She was snoring. I was sure that she was sleeping. Immediately I planned to go for a bold adventure. I entered her room silently and moved close to her bed. Though the lights were off, the room was not completely dark as streetlights were coming into it. I saw she was sleeping deeply. She was facing her back towards me. Suddenly I realized something and was surprised to the maximum. To be sure I found a torch from her table, switched it on and focused on my sleeping didi. My god, I was right. She had no clothes on her body. It was very exciting. I heard of few women’s liking to sleep completely naked, and my didi was such a lady. I stood stunned there. I roamed the torch light trough her back. Then I focused the light, especially on her butt. Her cunt was partially visible and I saw strains of her cum on her ass chicks. It was irresistible for me and I was mad to feel her body.

I moved towards the bed. Her big buttocks were protruding towards me. I knelt down and planted a soft kiss on her right ass. She was steel snoring. Then I softly touched her butts with right hand and pressed it a bit. She was still snoring. Then I started to rub her butts with my palm. She did not respond. I knew that she takes sleeping pills every night. That’s why she was in such deep sleep. I felt bit bolder and lowered my face and licked her smooth butts. Then she stopped snoring. I was cautious as I guessed she is waking up. She then turned her body and she was lying flat on the bed. Her big breasts were completely exposed to me. I waited for a while and she started snoring again. I stood up and moved forward. I sat on the bed carefully and touched the nipple of her right boob. It was hard. Then I started to massage her boobs gently. I saw that she has stopped snoring but she was still asleep. Then I lowered my face and lick her hard nipple softly. I was afraid that she might be awaking but she did not. Instead I heard her moan softly. This gave me more confidence and started to suck her boobs gently. I was feeling great playing with her boobs and it was so satisfactory that I almost was not in my sense. Suddenly I came to my senses. I lifted my face and looked at her face. It was a great shock to me as I saw didi staring at me. I was caught red handed committing incest to my mother. I was feeling like running out of the room but was not able to. I felt week to my stomach. I had no guts to look at her eyes that time. I got down from the bed watched her to switch on the light. Keeping my head down I said sorry and I was expecting a hateful cursing from her. But I was slightly wrong. She told me to look up and I did so. Then she asked, “ What was that son, why did you do that?” Her voice was serious. I replied in shaking voice, “ I am extremely sorry to say that your body makes me mad. I feel a lust for you”. She said, “When did you start to feel this about me?” I confessed that one day I saw my father fucking him long back. Then today I saw her without a single clothe and caught her masturbating. She said, “ Do you know it is a sin.” I said yes and I am sorry for that. But there was no option as I lost control on myself. I told her that I miss lovemaking with my better half, as she is not in the town.

Then she stood up and came closer to me and put her hand on my head. She told, “ Look, I understand your problem. Frankly speaking, I also miss having sex with your father. Do not feel bad. Both of us share the same need and urge. Being a mother, I should take care of your problems and being a son you must take care of me. Do you still find me attractive enough to give you an instant hard on?” I said, yes. She added, “ Then do not waste time. Come and taste your old didi. Fulfill your fantasy and need. Do whatever you want to do with me.” I was surprised to hear these from her. I could not believe my luck. The lady, whom I lusted for, was giving me a straight offer to sleep with her and she is my didi.

I looked at her and saw her smiling positively. I did not waste a second and moved towards her. I pulled her closer and started to kiss her lips. It was amazing. Her lips were juicy and I was sucking them passionately. Then I moved my hands down and squeezed her left ass. She moaned in pleasure. I kissed her for 5 minutes. Then I started to fondle her breast. She closed her eyes in satisfaction. The breasts were really big. I started sucking them madly. It was a great experience to me. I was sucking the same boobs, which fed me one day and prompted me to lust for my mother. Her breasts were bigger and fleshier than my wife’s. After a while, I told her to knelt down and close her eyes. She did so. Then I told didi to open her mouth and keep her eyes closed until I told to open. She obeyed me like a good girl. I saw my mother kneeling down in front of me opening her mouth. I immediately inserted my long hard dick in her mouth. She opened her eyes in surprise. Then immediately she started to suck it with pleasure and affection. I was feeling the greatest joy of my life. I was having the same lips around my fat dick, which has given me affectionate kisses on my forehead to encourage me in childhood. Didi was an expert in giving blowjob. She continued it for 5 minutes. Then I told her to stand up and get laid on the bed flat.

As she did so, I went there and asked her to stretch her leg. As she stretched her leg, her sweet pussy lips were visible to me. I was surprised to see that she had a cleanly shaved pussy and the pussy lips were glistening with her sweat. I knelt down and inserted my tongue into her love hole. She gasped. I started to move my tongue here and there inside her pussy and chewed her pussy lips softly. She was moaning heavily. Then I told her to move and give me space to lie down. I lied down on the bed and told her to ride me facing her ass towards my dick. She did so. Then I asked her to help me. She efficiently took her hand back and guided my dick to her cunt lifting her butts. I started fucking her. Perhaps this was the event I have waited for 14 years. Her cunt was buttery and soft. I was fucking her heavily. Suddenly one thing came into my mind, I became delighted. I already stated earlier that my best dream is to fuck a black woman. Here I was fucking a sexy, (Perhaps the sexiest) black woman and the woman is my didi Kalpona whom I have lusted for. I am fucking her cunt on the same bed, my father used to fuck her hard. I am ravaging the same vagina, which brought me to this world. This was a new experience to me. Didi was making moans heavily. I was in the seventh heaven as I have never imagined that I could fuck my sexy didi one day and she will be moaning for more. I was holding her big butts for support. After a while, I inserted the index finger of left hand into her sweet virgin asshole. She ached back in pleasure. I kept on ramming her cunt while finger-fucking her asshole. I felt her juices on my dick as she orgasm. But I wanted something more.

I told her to be on her four. She did so. I told her, “ Is it not the same position, papa loved to fuck you”. She laughed, “ Yes.” I moved back and looked at her. In this position she was looking the hottest. She was on her four exposing her asshole and cunt lips simultaneously. That time I felt really proud to be the son of such sexy bitch who, in this posture can make a dead man’s prick erect. I moved forward and started to rub her cunt lips with my hard tool. She was screaming softly and her scream was revealing her urge to get screwed by her own son. I complied with her wish. With one powerful stroke I entered her from back. She let out a loud moan, which made me horny. I started to fuck her faster and faster. She was pushing her hip back to get more pleasure. This is the advantage of screwing an old experience woman. While I was fucking her hard, She told, “ Oh, my god, how big your dick is. It reminds me about your father. He used to screw me in this posture only and you are also doing it to me after long time. Please fuck your didi harder and inherit your papa by giving me the best pleasure.” Kalpona’s words made the maniac.

And I started to push my dick like a bull into her cunt. Doing so, I dick suddenly slipped out from her lubricated cunt and it got rubbed on her ass. Instantly another idea clicked in my mind. I entered my dick into her anus without taking her permission. She cried out loudly and told me, “ Hey what are you doing? Don’t do that. Don’t fuck your mother’s ass. I have never been fucked in my ass. Please be merciful.” I told her, “ Shut up you bitch.” Immediately I pulled my dick out and pushed it harder into her rectum. Then I started fucking her ass like anything. Her ass was delicious and I was enjoying fucking it. But Kalpona was crying and shouting in pain. Her cries were making me hornier. The more she was crying, the harder I was fucking her ass. I could not believe this. I was mad at her well-rounded butts. And I was fucking it heavily. I am sure that, when my didi walks down the street, her butts accentuate a lot and young studs gets instant hard on seeing that. Perhaps they also dream to fuck my didi’s ass. I was feeling really lucky. I was fucking the ass of Mrs. Kalpona Biswas, who is a head mistress, an educated and intellectual lady, and a respected personality in the town. After my father, I am the only person who was fucking the dignified and sophisticated love holes of Kalpona, my own sweet didi. All my dreams were coming true.

After an intensive ass fucking I flooded her hungry asshole with me sperm. It was a salute to my late father who has also fucked the same canals to quench his lust. Finishing, this I asked didi how did she feel. She said great. Above all the ass fucking session was unforgettable. She did not know that, ass fucking gives that much of pleasure. She thanked me as forcefully fucked her hard in her anus. She told me that, when I was a kid, she used to give oil massage to me, my small cute dick. That time she never imagined that this small dick will grow big one day and will guck her butts tight to give her an ecstatic pleasure. Then I said, “ didi you have created this dick and it is its duty to screw your holes as per your demand.

After this incident, didi and me found another avenue of entertainment in our life. Now a day we do it very frequently. My wife has no idea about it. It has become a part of daily schedule to fuck my didi’s ass and cunt at mid night after I finish doing that with my wife. If any day I did not find much time to copulate her, I at least finger her asshole to console her. We are enjoying like hell.


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