Wednesday, February 10, 2010


This is a story of my lovely sister . She is very sexy and hot looking, a 22 yr old woman called Vinita. She just got married a year back. Before her marriage we used to always be friends and tease each other. After her marriage I felt alone. One day dad told me to meet my sister during the vacations. I went to meet her. Wow! She was looking hot and sexy like Bipasha basu. But my sister was more fairer. She had love in her eyes as she told me that I have grown tall as her. She is 5'6. Her husband was not there in the evening. We had the evening to ourselves. .After a tasty dinner prepared by her,It was time to retire to bed. I was feeling horny and excited. She was looking dazzlingly beautiful and I wanted to taste her, lick her and fuck her. We began to laugh till she had tears in her eyes. Anita told me that she was missing her husband.

I acted innocent and said that "didi I don't know much about women's bodies and fucking." She laughed and carressed my head tenderly. She said "Let me tell you that we women are like cars with different models. There are oldies like ambassadors, slim girls like maruti models and santros, full figured women like mistibushi lancers and icons. There are also beautiful women who can be compared to ferrari, mercedeses and bmw." I told,"didi, you are also as hot as ferrari".

She smilingly brushed her lovely hair and sat with one leg on another. When she did this, I could see left side of full ass and thigh towards me. She said,"ratesh, I know you are trying to peek and look at my gand. If you like my gand so much why don't you stare at it openly?" I shied and look down. She lifted my face and looked at my eyes. She said,"Since you love cars so much let me tell you the similarity between a woman and cars in terms of sex. You see my balls, these breasts, they are my head lights my face is my bonnet, my ass is my dickie."

" A woman has her engine between her legs, her is like a fuel tank which runs the car. Her fuel tank regularly needs some oiling which men provide. A woman should always gets somenice pumping of sperm from a man's pipe. Your cock is like a pipe which puts petrol oil in a woman's fuel tank. This is called fucking."

Her talk was turning me on. I told her ,"Can we fuck please?"
She laughed and said,"Go to sleep. "
In the night, when she was sleeping, I began to wander my hands on her full breast through the blouse and caress her nipples. I touched her thighs through the saree. She opened her eyes and told me,"You are such a despo". Her palm touched my dick through the pant,"oh my god, is that a hammer or a cock?".

vinita removed the zip of my pant and pulled my underwear to one side. She saw my big black penis saluting her. " is so big for your age""vinita you are seeing mine, show me yours""Ofcourse darling, she said. she got out of bed and removed her saree, blouse and petticoat. She was in her blue blouse and sky blue panty. Some hairs were jutting out from the side. I was having very less pubic hair because I was so youngShe told me,"Kiss me on my lips and touch me everywhere"I began to kiss her, my sister began to return the kisses with gusto. My cock was touching her hairy cunt. I began to press her ass with my hands. Then she guided me to cup her tits. I began to rub her tits and nipples.soon I was sucking her nipples. Then she took me to bed and we did the position 69, she began to suck on my dick. It felt like heaven. I began to lick on her hairy pussy. She opened her cunt to me and showed the pink inside part to me..I loved her sexy pissy smell. I began to feel so fucking hot when she ate my sexy lollipop. She was playing with my balls and teasing my asshole as she sucked my dick. I began to chew on her clitoris. She began to moan with my dick in her mouth. I licked her shithole.. I saw it closely, a small cute little brown thing with wrinkles around it. I loved its smell and the appearance of her most private thing, her asshole. We were teasing each other assholes. She removed the cock out of her mouth and said,"Lick my clit...that thing which sticks out of my chooth"
I understood what she meant, and began to suck on her clit. She began to moan and I knew that she was enjoying it a lot, her sucking on my penis was faster and harder. Soon she began to release salty liquid in my mouth..her cum. Even I began to shoot my sperm in her mouth.

Both of us climaxed together and in that uncontrolled atmosphere, vinita didi passed wind. Her fart erupted out without sound and went straight in my nostrils. It was dirty but I loved it because it smelled of her and we were too much in pleasure to notice that.

After the act was over, the smell was still there. I complained,"didi the smell is in my nose."
She laughingly said,"You loved my ass a lot, don't you like the smells and the things which come out of it?"

I replied,"didi it smells beautiful..will you show me how you do your toilet in the morning?"
She said,"I will show you everything, we will do together...are you tired or do you want to do more."

I told her,"didi you licked the way I licked your hole?"
She said,"you are a smart kid, you require very little guidance and you are ready."
She began to caress my soft penis and it began to grow hard due to her strokes.
She told me,"Come fuck me now, put it inside."
She spread her legs and showed her nude thighs open wide for me. I lied between her legs. I pushed my cock in but it was not going inside.
vinita smiled,"Arre buddhu... you are hitting every but my cunt,Wait"
She reached down and guided my cock and inserted it in her cunt slowly. I could see her nostrils flaring and her eyes closed as it caused her pain when my cock went inside her.
Even I felt pain as I was a virgin and her hole was real tight. She reached for my back and began to whisper in my ear,"Just stay inside, don't move just feel me"
OH it was heaven, I was inside my gorgeous sister's pussy. We smooched each other for five minutes while I caressed and played with her boobs.
Then she lifted her thighs and began to wrap it around my back. "Now you cannot be free. You have to fuck me. Come on push it inside and start moving"
I began to fuck her slowly and surely. My movements increased with every stroke..She urged me to go faster and harder.
I began to feel the climax building inside her. My didi started to moann,...yesss ,, i am cummmming
Her sexy voice and her touching of my buttocks and back made me drive faster in her and I began to orgasm. I was shaking and shivering as I climaxed.
Didi opened her eyes and saw me shaking through my orgasm,"Its okay, let it come, all of it, dont hold,"

I cried,"ohhhhh viniitttaaaaa"
Her hand went down to caress my balls so that I could shoot more. What a slut she was!
After we came to our senses she took me in her arms and said,"when you released your petrol, you didnt call me didi, just anita...this is the respect you have for me,"
I replied,"you are didi when you are clothed but when you are naked you are my rand."
She was shocked to hear such a word from my mouth but laughed. "You are my priveleged free customer,"
I kissed her and we slept.

morning when i opened my eyes i saw my sister is talking in phone with his husband and my tool was rubbed by her tightly
She began to rub me faster and faster. I began to feel the sensation as she caressed my bulb of the penis and tip and I began to fill her right palm with semen.i closed my eyes

When I opened my eyes, she said,"Bye jaan apna khaiyal rakhna take care, bye bye"
She kept the receiver and looked at my softening cock and her palm filled with sperm.

"What is this?"
I said,"your health tonic"
She began to lick it with her palm,"Thanks, Now I have work to do in the kitchen. You go to study.By the way he is coming after a week. I have you for the entire week now"
I was overjoyed and we had fun the entire week.

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