Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Teen’s Fantasy

Betsy made a small whimpering sound deep in her throat and
twisted free of Rick’s hand. The pretty brunette stared at the
head usher for a moment. She was tired, sore and more than a
little sick and the idea of going behind the screen with him made
her flesh crawl with revulsion!

“No! I . . . I don’t want to do that,” Betsy hissed. Before
the surprised head usher could answer her, she’d spun around and
was hurrying up the main aisle. The movie would be over in a few
minutes and she’d be able to get away from the Majestic!

She’d barely made it into the lobby when another thought
stopped Betsy dead in her tracks. When the movie let out, where
could she go? Betsy was sure that Mr. Henry would be with her
mother if she went home and she didn’t feel up to seeing her mother
with a man, not after what had happened to her today!

The nervous little girl was so lost in thought that she didn’t
see Grace Borden coming up behind her. Betsy gasped and jumped
when the older woman stepped behind her and placed a hand on her

“Hey! Take it easy, I didn’t mean to frighten you.”

Betsy began to tremble and before she could stop herself the
pretty little girl started to cry.

“Honey, are you all right? What happened?”

Instantly Grace went to her and cuddled Betsy in her arms.
The slender twelve-year-old shuddered when the woman’s large
breasts pressed against her face but she felt so warm and so safe
like this that she couldn’t bring herself to try to get away.

“Ohhhh, Mrs. Borden . . . I . . . I’m so confused!!” It
gushed out of her. The pretty child let it all out. Betsy was so
distraught and ashamed that she couldn’t look the older woman in
the eyes. She pressed her tear stained face against Grace’s
pillowy globes and told her every foul, exciting detail of what had
happened to her since she walked into the Majestic looking for a
job. When she was finished she was amazed to feel the blonde hug
her tighter. She had expected horror and rejection!

“Awwww, honey,” Grace said in a soft voice. “You’ve really
been put through the mill, haven’t you?” Grace paused for a few
seconds, then she led Betsy to a stool behind the candy counter.
“You stay here with me until closing, then we’ll decide what we’re
going to do with you.”

Betsy felt better. She still couldn’t bring herself to meet
the older woman’s eyes, but she felt safe and protected with her

Rick closed and locked the front doors after the last patron.
He turned and looked like he was going to say something to Betsy
but Grace stepped between them and must have given him a warning
look because the handsome young man sneered and walked away,
leaving them alone.

“All right, let’s get organized,” Grace said with a smile as
she snapped out the lights and cleaned out the popcorn machine.
“Do you want me to take you home or . . . would you like to spend
the night with me?”

Betsy was taken by surprise. She didn’t know what to say and
her shock must have been apparent on her face because Grace grinned
and explained. “I just thought that you could tell your mother you
were staying with a girl who works here. It wouldn’t be a lie and
that way you could avoid your situation at home and get a chance to
calm down.”

There was no traffic and Grace was able to speed down the
streets as they headed for her apartment. Betsy felt a small,
flickering flame of anger and resentment still burning inside of
her whenever she thought about her quick conversation with her

“She doesn’t care about me anymore! She jumped at the chance
to get rid of me for a night,” the little girl told herself. “All
she wants to do is ball all night and not have me to bother her!”

Betsy wasn’t exactly certain why she was angry. She was
relieved that she wouldn’t have to go home tonight, but still she
wished that her mother had shown a little more concern. Betsy
wished that Julia hadn’t been so eager to get rid of her like that.

“Well, here we are, darling. Sit down and relax.” Grace
smiled and motioned toward a couch. “I’ll get some fresh towels so
that you can take a nice, long, soothing shower.”

Betsy was surprised. Grace didn’t live in a real apartment.
It was more like a small, secluded bungalow in a heavily landscaped
park. She didn’t know what she had expected, but the pretty child
was impressed by how nice the little house looked and how expensive
and tasteful the furnishings were. Betsy was still looking around
the room when she heard footsteps and looked up in surprise to see
Grace, dressed in a bathrobe, waiting for her.

The older woman’s voice sounded deeper and softer when she
spoke again. “Come on. A hot shower can do wonders for the kind
of pains that you have.”

A confused warning tingle ran up and down Betsy’s spine, but
she ignored it and slowly got to her feet then joined the attrac-
tive blonde in the doorway.

Betsy began to relax the second that they passed through the
door to the bathroom. The lights were soft, the room was painted
a muted pink, and the total effect was warm and soothing.

Grace slipped an arm around the pretty little girl’s shoulders
and began to talk quietly to Betsy as she undressed her. “Poor
baby, you’re so young. You shouldn’t have to deal with men like
Newt Simpson or that junior stud Rick for a long time yet.”

The top of her uniform was loose, but Betsy hardly noticed
that it was being removed. She was relaxing under the healing flow
of words.

“Ohhhh, look at you! You’re just a baby,” Grace sighed. “He
bruised your pretty little nubbins!”

The blonde stood so close that her perfume filled Betsy’s
head, dulling her response when a warm, gentle hand cupped and
fondled her firm, cupcake-sized breasts. “Men are rough, honey.
You’ll just have to expect them to be rough with you.” Grace
purred and whispered and Betsy shivered when the woman’s expert
fingers found her pink nipple buds and twisted and tweaked them
into hard little points.

“A pretty baby like you should be treated lovingly,” Grace
sighed. She unzipped the uniform skirt and let it fall down over
Betsy’s slim hips. “You should have someone who can love you and
make you feel happy . . . there aren’t many men who know how to do
that for a girl.”

Betsy knew that something was wrong, but she felt so relaxed
and limp that she couldn’t make her mind tell her what it was. She
felt like a little child when Grace turned her around and knelt to
pull both her uniform and panties down. She made no move to cover
her naked sex. Grace gently pushed her backward and the pretty
brunette sat down on the toilet cover and lifted one leg and then
the other while the blonde pulled her panties down over her shoes
and then removed the shoes.

Betsy was naked and she knew that Grace was staring at her,
but somehow it didn’t make her feel threatened. The older woman
fiddled with the shower knobs until the water was just right.

The soothing sting of the water jets hit Betsy’s face and her
shoulders, sending cascades of warm water down her slim body. It
felt so nice that Betsy began to smile. The glass shower door
clicked and Betsy looked up just in time to see Grace shrug out of
her robe and step into the shower beside her. It all seemed so
natural that Betsy didn’t mind when the blonde took the soap and

Betsy peeked at Grace out of the corner of her eye. She was
impressed. The woman’s large breasts were still firm and round
with only the faintest hint of a sag. Grace’s belly was softly
rounded and between her full, round thighs grew a thick patch of
dark but natural blonde hair.

The naked woman put the soap back in the dish and moved closer
so that she could wash Betsy’s shoulders and down her slim back.
As she did, the stiff, darkened flesh of her nipples brushed
against Betsy, tracing invisible circles on the surprised little
girl’s wet, soapy flesh.

“You are pretty,” Grace sighed as she worked the soapy cloth
down Betsy’s back. “Someday you’ll be a beautiful woman. But even
now you are a lovely little thing.”

Betsy blushed but still smiled. It made her feel good to know
that this attractive adult thought that she was pretty. The wash
cloth was working back and forth over her firm, high riding,
buttocks and Betsy was still thinking about what Grace had said
when she parted her feet a little and leaned forward so that Grace
could work in between her fleshy cheeks.

“Did either of them hurt you here?”

The question caught her off stride and Betsy shuddered when
she felt a soapy finger press against the tight rosette of her
rectal opening.

“Newt didn’t put his big fat cock in your sweet little ass,
did he?”

The soft, soothing atmosphere of the room changed in one
blinding second. Betsy began to tremble, her dark eyes popped open
and a small groan seeped out of her mouth when she felt Grace’s
soap lubricated finger glide past the frantic grip of her anus and
into her heated rectum!!

“Shhhh, don’t be frightened,” Grace pleaded with her. The
woman wiggled her finger inside of Betsy’s ass and her free hand
pressed against the shocked little girl’s belly, holding her in
place. “I won’t hurt you the way they did. I know how to make all
the pain and the worry go away. Just relax and let me show yo,
Betsy, please!”

Grace’s soapy hand slid down until it cupped the whole of
Betsy’s hairless mound. Instantly the beautiful little girl felt
a ripple of delighted response and her suddenly tensed muscles
began to soften and turn to butter.

The blonde was pressing against her. Their naked bodies were
wet and soapy and excited Betsy as they rubbed and wiggled against
each other. Grace moaned happily and pressed one of her fingers
between the fat lips of Betsy’s baby slit. The little girl gasped
and shook. The woman had fingers in her front and rear and she had
to pull herself up on her tiptoes to keep from being hurt.

“Ooooo, Mrs….I mean Grace…don’t…ohhhh!!” She couldn’t
help herself. The wiggling and touching was more than she could
ignore and the lovely little girl found herself clutching the naked
woman and pressing her slippery body against hers.

Grace chuckled and kissed the shocked little girl on the lips
while her fingers danced and twisted in her tight openings. “It
feels nice, doesn’t it, honey? I knew that you’d like it. All you
had to do was feel it and I knew that you would dig my brand of

There was nothing she could do. Betsy felt like a puppet.
She couldn’t even force herself to move without the blonde’s

“Come with me, little lover,” Grace moaned as she edged toward
the door. Finally the excited blonde was forced to gently pull her
fingers out of Betsy’s ass and her tight pussy so that she could
shut off the water and grab a large, fluffy towel so that she could
dry her off.

Betsy was tingling all over when Grace dropped to her knees
and began to blot away the drops of water that covered Betsy’s
flawless tender flesh. The naked little girl made a mewling sound
when the handsome woman kissed then licked at her small breasts
while she dried her slim thighs and bottom.

Grace didn’t pause to dry herself. She caught Betsy by the
hand and almost ran to her bedroom!

Betsy felt herself being picked up then laid out on a wide
bed. The covers had been pulled down and she loved the feel of
freshly washed sheets against her naked body.

Grace sighed as she slowly lay down beside Betsy. When she
reached out to touch her, the little girl could see Grace’s hand
shake with excitement. “Just stay with me,” the older woman
pleaded. “I won’t be mean to you the way that Newton and Ricky
were. I’ll make you feel soooo good.”

Betsy couldn’t believe what was happening. She’d heard about
women who liked to make love to women but she’d never really
believed it. Until now. The strangest thing was that now that she
was over the first shock, she was enjoying it!

“Do you like me? Do I look pretty to you, Betsy?” Grace lay
pressed against the little girl’s side. She was propped up on one
elbow and it was simple for her to lean forward and press one of
her ivory white tits against the child’s pink lips. “Kiss it for
me! Show me that you like me and I’ll do things for you that you
won’t believe!!”

A funny trembling sensation shook her, but Betsy didn’t
hesitate. The pretty little girl opened her lips and began to
gently suck and pull on her new friend’s thick, stiff nipple.

“Ummmm, that’s perfect,” the blonde breathed. Grace began a
slow, deliberate circular caress with her open palm, letting it
lightly brush over Betsy’s flesh. The naked child shivered when
the palm grazed her own sweaty nipples and she sucked even harder
at the warm tit. She used both small hands to pull it up to her
lips and help her suck even more of it into her mouth.

The hand moved in an ever downward spiral and by the time that
the outstretched tips of Grace’s fingers touched the swelling of
her puffy vulva, Betsy had spread her legs wide, lifting and
splaying them in an innocently obscene attitude of invitation.

“Awh, you’re already wet,” Grace cooed happily. “you greedy
little devil! You’re wet and making my fingers slippery and
sticky!” The fingers drew back from her cunt and Betsy watched
with breathless excitement as the blonde brought her fingers to her
lips and sucked them clean.

A new, stronger sense of excitement and desire swept through
the little girl. Her hands moved down over the naked woman’s hip
and belly until her small fingers could twine and explore in the
thick patch of pubic curls that hid her mature sex from view.

Grace moaned and hugged Betsy tight for a moment, letting the
little girl poke a clumsy finger deep into her own lube soaked
cunt. Then the attractive blonde pushed the little girl away.

Betsy was surprised. She didn’t understand what Grace wanted
until the older woman’s hands pulled and tugged at her and guided
her until she was sitting astride her chest. Her firm little ass
mashed the woman’s meaty breasts flat as she wiggled with excite-

“I’ll make the sting go away,” Grace whispered as she stared
up at the excited girl. Grace’s hands caught each cheek of Betsy’s
bottom and jerked her closer. Close enough so that she could lift
her head slightly and thrust her red, wet tongue directly between
the fleshy lips of her baby vulva!!

“Agghh!! Oh, you…you shouldn’t do that,” the shocked child
gasped. “That’s nasty and dirty, you shouldn’t … unnngggghhh!!”

The little girl’s eyes lit up and a wide, beaming smile
changed her face when the flat blade of the woman’s tongue dove
into her and speared into the sore neck of her vagina. Betsy
squealed as she watched the nasty thing that Grace Borden was doing
to her. The naked child lifted her pelvis so that she had a clear
view of the blonde’s extended tongue as it spread the velvet smooth
lips of her cunt and lapped and twisted in her.

Each time that the tip of Grace’s searching tongue found the
firm nub of her love knot, Betsy would groan and wiggle, the bouncy
cheeks of her little ass would rub against the big breasts beneath
her, and she realized that she had never been so excited in her
life!! But the excitement wasn’t over yet. Grace had another
thrill in store for her, a thrill that turned Betsy’s whirling mind
to putty and killed the last traces of resistance that she might
have clung to.

The handsome woman’s hands were still pulling Betsy forward.
They lifted and pushed at the same time rocking the slim little
girl up on her knees and leaving the trembling cheeks of her bottom

Betsy felt Grace’s fingers pressing against her rear again and
knew what was going to happen. But the naked child wasn’t prepared
for the powerful jolt of twisted pleasure that she felt when the
woman’s long forefinger, wet with the froth that was bubbling out
of her pussy, jabbed into her anus and didn’t stop penetrating
until it was in her to the knuckle!

“Oooogggghhh,” the startled child moaned. Betsy’s head
snapped back. Her slim body arched backward and she scrubbed her
wet cunt against Grace’s face while the woman stretched and opened
her tight rear sheath!! “Unnnggghhh, that feels … gooood!!”

The muscles in Betsy’s slim thighs were straining. Her toes
were splayed wide like claws as she wiggled and rolled her trim
little bottom. She could hear Grace grunting and gasping as she
fought for air, but Betsy still couldn’t stop. She had to go on
and on. She had to feel everything, experience and taste every-
thing that there was for her!!!

“Hunnnggghh … huuuhhh!!” She could not breathe. Betsy
gasped and struggled to fill her lungs with air. The finger in her
burning anus was spinning and twirling and the firm, wet tongue
buried in her pussy was slapping and ramming at her like a pulpy
jackhammer. The naked child hunched her back and squealed loudly
when the first waves of her orgasm hit her.

“Aaaaagh … I’m … I’m … aaaaiiiieeee!!” It was wonder-
ful. Betsy squealed and whimpered. The tongue and the finger
popped in and out of her bottom, making her slim body twist and
jiggle like a mindless top.

The moaning little girl’s legs gave out and when Grace’s head
fell back on the pillow and her hands dropped away, Betsy slipped
sideways and fell face down on the bed. The little brunette was so
stunned and so tired that she couldn’t even roll over and fell
asleep where she was.

She had no idea what time it was, but when the beautiful
sensations awoke her, Betsy found herself lying halfway across
Grace’s naked body. The sighing blonde had pressed one of her tits
back in Betsy’s mouth and she was using her free hand to lightly
rub and flick the naked little girl’s clitoris back to life while
she slept.

Betsy sighed and began to roll her hips. It felt nice to be
made love to, especially when she was so sleepy and warm. Grace
took advantage of her mood. Betsy didn’t try to resist when she
felt herself being lifted again, nor was she surprised when she
found herself lying face down on the blonde’s naked body, her
pretty lips pressing against the perfumed silk of her pubic hairs.

“Do it for me, little baby! Suck my pussy just the way that
I sucked yours!”

Betsy heard Grace’s voice. It sounded like it was coming from
miles and miles away. The sleepy girl looked down and shivered
when she saw the moist lips of the woman’s cunt glisten under the
hair. For a second, Betsy hesitated, but then Grace’s fingers
began to tease and explore between her opened thighs and the lovely
fire was burning bright inside of her again.

The naked little girl used her fingers to spread the meaty
lips of the woman’s cunt and dropped her head. She heard Grace
gasp and felt her begin to tremble the instant that her pointed
little tongue found the distended tip of her clitoris.

“Oooohhh! Ohhh, little baby, lick it, lick it harder!!”
Betsy smiled to herself and did it again, this time letting her
tongue glide over the clit and into the moist, open throat of
Grace’s vagina. The naked blonde bucked, her big tits rubbed
against Betsy’s thighs and her finger crawled back inside of her
baby pussy.

“This is nice! I don’t care what anyone says! I like this!!” CHAPTER SIX

Without watching where it fell, Betsy dropped her dress and
stood dressed in nothing but her tight blue panties. The lovely
girl stared at her reflection in the full length mirror that stood
in the dingy, crowded dressing room of the Majestic Theater.

Betsy wasn’t certain how she felt about what she saw. The
slim twelve-year-old stared at the firm but terribly small globes
of her breasts and sighed unhappily. Compared to Grace’s large,
smooth breasts, hers were pimples!

Oooohhhhh, you shouldn’t have done that Betsy told herself but
it was already too late. The lovely little girl tried not to think
about the older woman, but no matter how hard she tried a small,
secret smile began to tug at the corners of her mouth. You know
how it makes you feel when you think about her, a little voice
whispered in her ear. But Betsy ignored the whisper and a soft,
dreamy look crept into her large dark eyes.

She felt a funny, soft feeling in her belly and rubbed her
open palm over the firm outline of her little pussy. Far in the
back of her mind, Betsy Morrison knew that what she’d been doing
for the past three days was nasty and perverted, but the memory of
how Grace’s firm, slick tongue could make her gasp and squeal for
what felt like hours at a time was so strong that Betsy knew that
she couldn’t stop seeing her.

Since that first night that they’d spent together Grace had
been with her or on her mind every second. Julia hadn’t minded.
She was so wrapped up with Mr. Henry that she didn’t notice that
Betsy was never home.

The pretty little girl giggled happily when she remembered how
she’d managed to evade Rick and Mr. Simpson. Each time that
either man tried to corner her and talk to her, Grace would manage
to show up and cramp their styles! Ohhhh, it felt nice to squeeze
and play with her moistening pussy. Lazily Betsy watched her
fingers press and wiggle against the silky material of her panties.
Grace had taught her to do this, she’d always felt sort of funny
and embarrassed when she masturbated before, but the older woman
showed her how nice it was. Grace even showed Betsy how she played
with her hairy nest when there was no one else around.

Betsy saw a dark spot growing at the front of her panties and
it made her feel warm and melty inside when she realized that it
was her own love juice squirting out of her tight vagina and oiling
the tender membranes of her vulva.

It was so early. Betsy felt funny being at work at ten in the
morning but this was her first chance to work the film club and she
didn’t want to pass up the extra twenty dollars that Newton Simpson
promised her for working it. Kathy was already dressed and
downstairs so reluctantly the smiling little girl stopped touching
and squeezing her tingling sex and slipped into the form-fitting

Betsy was down the stairs and moving through the lobby before
she realized that there was something very unusual about the
members of the film club, they were all men! Everywhere she looked
the little girl saw men, older men for the most part and many of
them wore overcoats, even though it was summer.

As she bustled about, opening doors and helping Rick take
tickets Betsy slowly became aware of the warm, lingering glances
that the patrons gave her. At first the twelve-year-old was
flustered and upset but slowly she realized what those looks were
trying to tell her and the firm, smooth lips of her vulva grew hot
and moist.

Betsy turned, looking for Kathy, but when she saw the older
girl she was standing in a dark corner of the lobby, a tall man in
front of her. The shocked little brunette wasn’t certain, but she
thought she saw Kathy’s hand pressed against the front of the tall
man’s slacks!!

Before Betsy could even be sure of what she was seeing, the
music for the first film blared to life in the theater and all the
men in the lobby hurried inside. Acting automatically, Betsy moved
down the aisle doors and closed them. She was so caught up in her
private thoughts that she didn’t bother to look up and see what was
being shown on the screen.

What is it? What is going on? The questions in her mind
bewildered the little girl because she could think of no answer.
Grace would have the answer, but when she turned to the candy
counter the little girl was amazed to find it dark and closed down.
Grace wasn’t there.

“What’s the matter, chick? You look like something just bit

Betsy whirled on her heel and found Rick standing before her,
a knowing grin on his handsome face. “Didn’t your precious Grace
tell you about the film club? That’s not a very good sign, is it?”

Betsy didn’t know what he was saying. The pretty little girl
stared at the young head usher and helplessly shook her head. A
slow, pleased smile creased Rick’s youthful face. Moving confi-
dently Rick caught Betsy by the arm and led her to one side of the
lobby. “What I’m saying is that dear old Gracie has done her part
and now she’s throwing you back to the wolves.”

The little girl was more confused than ever and she hated that
smile on Rick’s face. She jerked her arm free of his grasp but he
moved in front of her and barred her escape.

“Let me go,” Betsy hissed-angrily. “I don’t have to let you
make me… do things.”

Rick just grinned.
“I’ll tell Mr. Simpson. He won’t put up with you bothering

Rick scowled. His face looked cold and angry when he answered
her. “You stupid little twat! Who do you think runs this mess?
You’d better wise up and do it quick!”

Before she could protest, Rick caught Betsy by the arm again
and forcibly pushed her towards the main aisle of the theater.
“Take a look at what the film club is watching this morning and
then tell me about what Simpson won’t put up with around here!”

The head usher jerked the doors open and shoved Betsy into the
auditorium, stepping in behind her so that he could keep his
painful grip on her elbow.

Betsy didn’t have any idea of what she was supposed to see but
when the pretty little girl recovered her balance and looked up at
the screen she thought that her heart would stop!

The lovely brunette felt her knees shake and knew that she was
crying silently as she watched a pretty blonde bend her head and
pop the swollen, leaking head of some faceless man’s penis in her
open mouth! Betsy’s belly lurched and she wanted to scream, but
before she could make a sound Rick had clapped a hand over her open
mouth while he whispered urgently in her ear.

“How do you like it? This is the film club, all the perverts
and nuts in town come here two mornings a week and watch this shit!
Do you think that the man who runs this will give a damn if I
screw around with you? You’re just another cunt, honey, and all he
cares about is that you be around and in good shape for what he has
in mind for you!”

Betsy heard the words but their impact was softened by the
flashing images on the screen. The camera was focused on a pretty
little girl. She was only nine or ten and she sat naked on a man’s
knee. Betsy felt a chill race up and down her spine when she
realized what would happen. The man in the movie was naked too and
the giggling little child was stroking and squeezing his erect
prick with her tiny fist.

Oooooh, nooooo, that voice whispered in Betsy’s mind. She’s
just a baby, she’s too young for him to do that to her. Betsy
hadn’t given a thought to the obvious fact that she was only a few
years older than the little girl in the movie. Her entire
attention was focused on the screen and the terrible thing that she
was watching.

Betsy didn’t notice when Rick drew her down in a seat and sat
beside her as they watched the naked man lift the little girl and
swing her high over his rampant cock before bringing her down. The
giggling little girl sat with her plump thighs spread wide on
either side of the man’s thighs. She sat with her back to him and
in such a way that it looked as if his upthrust cock was growing up
from between her legs.

There was no sound but somehow Betsy knew exactly what was
being said when the man leaned forward and began to whisper in the
little girl’s ear and stroke her naked body at the same time.

The pretty little blonde giggled again and nodded. Her small
hands clamped around the swollen, vein wreathed shaft of the man’s
prick and made obscene frigging motions on it. The man threw his
head back and Betsy was sure that she could hear the echo of his
pleased moan. One of the man’s hands pressed down over the naked
child’s belly and then he inserted a finger in the pink and white
slit of her bottom.

Betsy’s own little love box began to burn and drip. She was
disgusted with herself, but the images that she was watching were
so strong and so exciting that she couldn’t help herself.

On screen the little girl giggled again and turned her head to
whisper something to the man. Strong hands gripped the blonde
child by the waist and she was lifted about a foot off the man’s
lap. The camera zoomed in and when the focus settled the audience
was awarded with a terrible close up of an adult, bloated cockhead
entering the little girl’s slit.

Betsy heard a groan rise up from the men in the audience and
that sound set something off inside of her and before she knew what
she was doing she was moaning along with them! The shaken little
usherette watched with sick fascination as the huge knob of the
man’s cock forced aside the soft folds of the little girl’s
hairless vulva and disappeared inside of her. Betsy could see
gleaming drops of love lube squirting out of the little girl’s
gorged cunt and knew that a flow of her own was wetting the crotch
of her panties.

The slender twelve-year-old was so engrossed in the awful,
delicious scene before her that she offered no resistance when Rick
pushed her forward and undid the zippers to her top and the short
skirt that she wore.

The camera panned upward and the entire screen was filled with
the grimacing face of the little blonde girl. Betsy knew what she
was feeling, the memory of Newton Simpson’s big, hard prick filling
her was still fresh and terrifyingly hot in her mind.

“You like it, don’t you? I thought that it would shake your
day but I guess you’re a little tougher than l thought you were.”

She couldn’t answer him. Betsy’s attention was fixed on the
screen and she shivered as she watched the man’s hands slowly guide
the twisting, jerking body of the nine-year-old up and down on his
massive cock. Betsy was sure that she could make out the outline
of his prick under the flesh of the little girl’s flat belly and
watched with growing excitement as it moved up and down, stretching
and pulling her baby vagina, making room in her small body for

The top of her uniform was loose and Betsy was aware of Rick’s
hand as it slid upward, over her fibs. She gasped, then moaned
when his fingers closed around her firm little breast and squeezed
it. But even then she couldn’t tear her eyes away from the screen.

A third performer had appeared. It was the blonde woman that
she’d seen sucking the naked man’s prick. She was on her knees
before him and, as he raised and lowered the groaning little girl
on his prick, the woman leaned forward and began to lick and flick
at the child’s hairless pussy with a long, red tongue!!

A couple passed between the screen and the first row, catching
Betsy’s attention for a moment. It was the other usherette, Kathy,
and she was taking a man back behind the screen! For the first
time Betsy realized the purpose of having that bed back there and
she was shaken beyond words!

The pretty twelve-year-old’s eyes flickered back to the screen
and then she shuddered as a close up of the woman’s tongue waggling
and slithering over the little girl’s clit assaulted her senses.
Memories of how good it felt to be licked like that shook Betsy and
made the flames that were already burning inside of her leap high
and out of control.

The pretty little usherette felt insistent hands tugging at
her loosened skirt and she gave no thought to the fact that she was
in a hall with close to two hundred men. She lifted off the seat
and let Rick slip her clothing to the floor.

Betsy fell back in her seat. The pretty girl’s panties and
skirt hung at her ankles, her uniform top was loosened and had been
rolled up over her belly so that from the waist down she was naked.

“You want some of that, don’t you?”

Rick’s question stung and burned in Betsy’s brain. The pretty
little girl shuddered as she watched the man on the screen increase
the pace and cruelly slam the little girl down on his blood hard

“You need the feel of a prick, I know you do,” the handsome
head usher whispered.

Rick’s fingers pressed in between her own slender thighs and
the girl spread them as wide as she could, hampered only by the
wadded clothing that still clung around her ankles.

Rick’s forefinger found the lube slick lips of her own
hairless little sex and while Betsy watched the other man fuck the
little girl, the finger sank deep into her newly opened love
sheath. A long, shuddering sigh oozed out of the little girl’s
mouth and her hips began a shameless wiggling as she worked the
tight mouth of her pussy around the finger, clamping down on it as
if it was a long, slender prick working in and out of her.

“Ooooohhhhh, I can feel that old Newt has been busy,” Rick
breathed in surprise. “He fucked you! He broke your cherry didn’t

She didn’t want to tell him. It was private and personal, but
the feel of Rick’s slick finger working back and forth over her
stiff clit loosened Betsy’s tongue and the humiliated little girl
heard herself babbling to him in response.

“Ooooohhh, yesssss!! Annnnggghhhhh, Ricky it feels so nice,
do it faster!!”

The head usher snorted angrily and fumbled with his own
clothing. Betsy wasn’t surprised when her hand was jerked forward
and her fingers were pressed tight around the young man’s erect,
throbbing cock. “Ahhhhhh, it feels so long and so hard!”

She loved it. Betsy’s eyes were riveted on the screen and
while she watched the man cum in the little girl and followed the
thick rivulets of cum squirt out of her tiny cunt, her fingers
rapidly jerked up and down on Rick’s cock.

“Do you want to cum? Do you need it now, baby?” Rick’s
question was crude and to the point, but Betsy didn’t care. The
little girl was past embarrassment and shame. All she could do was
obey the hot, urgent demands of her body.

“Ohhhhhhh … yessssss, I want to cum, Ricky. Make me cum,
please!” Before she finished her plea the pretty, half naked little
girl was pulled crosswise in her seat and her head was pressed down
in the head usher’s lap.

All that she could hope for was that she would make him so
happy that he would give her what she needed. Betsy didn’t
hesitate. Her lips formed an oval and she dropped her head,
forcing the tangy knob of Rick’s erect penis deep in her mouth. At
the same time her cheeks hollowed and she began to eagerly nurse
and pull on his prick.

The handsome usher jumped and then groaned. Betsy felt both
of his hands on her head guiding her up and down over his pulsating
shaft and she was shocked to realize how happy and delighted she
was to feel his hard meat pushing and bumping against the roof of
her mouth. For days Grace had been telling her how awful and
disgusting men were, but now she remembered how exciting and
fulfilling they were as well!!
Betsy was lost in a rapture that left her open and defense-
less. Another pair of hands was moving over the naked spheres of
her bottom, but she didn’t give it a thought until she heard Rick
laugh and push harder at the top of her bobbing head, then she
realized what was happening. It was someone else’s hands. Rick
couldn’t have four of them!

The pretty child moaned and tried to lift her head away from
the drooling head of Rick’s long, jerking cock but the excited
usher wouldn’t let her. She tried to turn her head and see who was
playing with her bottom but all she could see was the vague outline
of another man.

A finger moved down between the firm cheeks of her ass and
found the wet mouth of her pussy. Betsy moaned again and shuddered
as the stranger’s finger slipped into her already wet and lubricat-
ed cunt and began to move around and around. She knew that she
should fight it, but the warm delicious feeling that the finger
gave her was too much to ignore and the pretty child moaned and
wiggled her exposed bottom while she eagerly sucked and pulled on
the hard prick that filled her mouth.

It only took a few knowing strokes and she was on fire!!
Betsy squealed, the sound muffled and muted by the fat spear of
flesh that she was sucking on. She shook her bottom and rolled her
hips, helping the faceless man’s finger twist and turn inside of
her. But Betsy’s moans of pleasure turned to groans of fear and
pain as another finger wet itself in the drool that was pouring out
of her and began to press hard against the wrinkled rosette of her
tender anal passage!!

“Ouuuuwwww, dun’t du thut,” the pretty child mumbled. But the
man behind her ignored Betsy’s garbled plea for mercy and pressed
again. This time his lubricated finger popped past her clenched
sphincter and slid deep in the hot, pulsating grip of her rectum.
“Ouuuuuwwww, ut hurts. Pluze, dun’t du thus tu muh!!!”

The man’s other finger was still working back and forth over
her swollen distended clitoris and each time that it mashed it flat
Betsy would gasp and suck a little harder on the cock that she held
in her moist little oral cavity.

The worst part, the part that frightened and bewildered the
small brunette, was the fact that she liked it! The feel of the
thick finger twisting and turning in her rear made the lovely
twelve year old jump and buck. She couldn’t resist the impulse to
respond and soon she was ramming her defenseless ass back against
the stranger’s hand, helping him force the full length of his two
fingers into the slack and softened openings in her tender bottom.

Betsy groaned and snuffled. Her wet tongue lashed back and
forth over Rick’s hard prick while she sucked on and on. The taste
of the head usher’s penis filled her mouth and the thought that
soon she would taste his white, creamy cum only made her more
excited than ever.

“Aggghhhh, that’s the Way,” Rick panted as he pressed Betsy’s
head even deeper into his lap. The little girl moaned, her wind
was cut off when the fat head of his prick filled her throat but
before she could fight her way clear of it the knob jerked and a
warm stream of cum shot straight down her throat and into her
waiting belly.

The lovely little twelve-year-old gasped for breath. When she
was allowed to pull back, she felt a hot shower of cum hit her
cheek and managed to stuff the cockhead back into her pursed mouth
before the next hot jet of semen spurted out.

The fingers in her pussy and her burning ass continued to
twist and turn and as she greedily sucked and nursed on the
spouting cock they brought her to her climax and she howled. Long
strings of cum dangled from her mouth when the little girl lifted
her head and called out. She was aware of the cum hitting her eyes
and her nose and aware of the heads that were turning in her
direction, but that didn’t matter. What did matter was the
brilliant stabbing pains of her orgasm and the lovely, melting way
that she felt.. “Aaaaaaiiiiieeee, keep it up!!! Oooooooo, please
do it faster and faster … Unnnnngggggg!!!”


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