Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Indian sex stories

HI ISS readers I am the recent visitor of Indian sex stories and I found this site is the best to share my sex affairs. I ve been longed for many days to share the sex affairs that I had with my elder sister. My name is Krishna and I am 18 and my sexy sister name Saranya and she is 20 and she has 36(breast), 28(waist), 38(ass).When the incident took place I was in 12th and my sister was doing her II year college. We live in Chennai and since we have only two bed rooms one is occupied by my parents and the other by me and my sister. I have grown up as an ordinary boy. Till my 10th I was not seen a full sex videos. I have been thought of doing masturbation by my cousin name Prabu and he is 20. He used to tell me about the sex movies that he has seen and he used to narrate the incident of how he used to see boobs of his neighbors when they bend down. This made me also to try with my neighbors and I used to masturbate thinking of fucking my neighbor.And the day came to start my affair with my sister. We used to sleep together in a same bed but I didn’t have feeling of fucking my own sister though I have seen her many times in night her dress are raised up but one day night I suddenly wake up and my dick has reached his full length of 7 inch and I thought of go to the toilet and do some hand work (masturbation) and I accidently got the view of my sister ass facing at me. She was wearing a yellow nightee and lying on one side and her ass was big like something and without my knowledge I touched her ass and felt it. Then I done hand work there itself by seeing her ass and later I felt bad of feeling my own sister and I slept off. next day I was thinking of last night and I found my sister bending down to take something and I got view of her cleavage of her boobs and I was not able to control myself and later that night I had the courage to feel her forgetting that she is my sister. At I woken up and I found my sexy sister was in deep sleep I gathered my courage to touch her ass and I slowly raised her nightee and finally I raised it till her waist and her ass was looking at me I was able to see my sister semi naked from her waist she had a white panties’ and putted my legs around her and I slowly moved my hand to her boobs and kept my hand and felt I didn’t done more since I feared she may wake up and the night went like that.
The for next two days I was happened stay in my cousin Prabu’s house and I can’t tell about the things happened last night because I feared he may think it wrong about me but to my surprise he told me that he had the chance to see his married sister who has come for two day visit taking bath and he said he has masturbated by seeing that. Hearing this I got horned and he also helped me to see her bathing. Then I got the courage to tell about my affair with my sister and he also told me that he used see my sister boobs whenever she bends and he wants her badly. And I narrated him how I felt her then he told that I should have taken more advantage by keeping my penis on her ass and felt the hot. He told me that his sister is going to leave tomorrow morning and he wants to do the maximum in the night and he asked me to be waked watch in the night I slept on the bed and Prabu and his sister lay down. I was amazed to see that Prabu has started his job he raised her nightee and in skirt and she was not wearing panties since many married women will not wear it and he waited for a chance for her to lay one side so that her ass faces him then he took his hard rock dick and placed in-between the cracks of her ass though she get disturbed by the cock on her ass she was in deep sleep and my cousin didn’t inserted his cock deep so that she don’t wake up and slowly he unzipped her nightee at top and to his luck she doesn’t wear a bra since it is a hot summer he left his hand inside and kept his hand on her breast and he was at heaven and by seeing this from top view I can’t control and done handwork twice. And Prabu gave light movements in his sister ass and before my cousin going to cum on his sister ass he took out his cock and left his cum on the blanket which was there. And pulled her dress done and signaled me that the show is over and we went to sleep.And by this incident I was eager to try this with my own sister but I can’t get chance like my cousin since my sister always wears panties and bra. But I took my advantage to feel my sister like my cousin. The night has come and I took some time to make myself comfortable and the position has come for me to keep my cock in-between my sister’s ass. I took my dick and placed over my sister panties and my cock was entering my sister ass through her panties and felt like electric shock when I saw my cock is placed inside the ass of my own sister and cum and then went to sleep.
And one day my father had to attend his friends son’s marriage in Delhi he asked us to stay in my aunty house and my mother also went with my father. They said they will be returning after six days and told us to stay in my aunt’s house. But I convinced my aunty that we will stay in our house itself and I asked my cousin Prabu to stay with me and my aunty also agreed and we three were staying in house and our servant will come in the afternoon and she makes the lunch and dinner and goes off and we will make breakfast ourselves.
On the first day when me and my cousin was sitting on the sofa we had the chance to see my sister boobs and then I told my cousin that I will share my sister with him. Night has come we three seen a movie and my cousin said he will sleep down and as usual me and my sister was sleeping on the bed and I tried all my best with my sister and gave the chance to my cousin though I was not happy to share my sister but I was happened to share her because my cousin has helped me in seeing her sister naked. I left the bed and my cousin took my position and I laid down 15 min have passed and I was eager to see what my cousin is doing I slowly peeked and to my surprise my cousin has pulled my sister’s panties till her ass is fully visible her 38 inch ass was fully visible and I seeing it for first time and I saw my cousin keeping his hand on my own sister’s naked ass in front of me and he took his eight inch cock and parted my sister’s ass and kept his cock inside I never expected that he will do this extend. Since her ass was so big his cock was enjoying his fate in my sister’s ass in front of my own eyes I can’t tolerate this and I want to see what he is doing on top of my sister since I was not able to see while sitting I stood up and there was another shock that since she was not wearing a bra instead she had a inner garments which was like the one men used to wear and my cousin has raised her dress till top. He would have done everything gentle since my sister was still in deep sleep and not disturbed. Now I saw the clear view of what my cousin was doing he kept his cock inside my sister’s ass and one of his hands was catching her breast. I can’t control more so I laid down again and one 5-10 min have passed again I was eager what my cousin is doing still ,I got up saw my cousin in the same position but he was giving gentle movements in and out of my sister’s ass then I saw he has cum inside my sister’s ass and it was coming out of her ass then he cleaned my sister ass with his underwear and lowered her dress and pulled her panties to half and it was 3 in the morning and he asked me to sleep in previous position I was not able to control but I convinced myself that it was his luck and showed as if I never seen anything and we both went for sleep.
Next day early morning me and my cousin was seeing a porn video and my cousin had told me we can fuck Saranya if we plan nicely first I got tensed but because of the hotness caused by the movie I agreed. My sister has asked for some horror movies from my cousin last night so when she woke up he gave the porn video to her and told that it is a horror movie. we told that we are going out and left her alone in the home to watch it and after sometimes we came back from home and peeked in to the window and saw my sister seeing that videos and was very much interested and she fingering her pussey and we took as a advantage and entered in to the room suddenly and in hurried she was able to take only her hand from her pussey and could not stop the playing the movie she felt ashamed and didn’t spoke anything. My cousin told that we won’t tell this to anyone and told her that for us also it is new and want to learn more about since we are grown up. He also told that he has more videos and we can see it but she opposed it but he indirectly blackmailed her and she no other go she has to see the movie with us. First my sister was feeling uneasy to see it with us then my cousin told her don’t think that we are your brothers think that we are friends .Later she was very much interested and cannot stop watching it. Slowly my cousin discussed about the movie in a sexual mood and she also shared her ideas.
That day night my cousin has given her a book contains sex stories and she was fully turned on and that night all were in lust and started talking about sex and all three became close friends and my sister gave of the mouth that if we experience it only we can know the full excitement and suddenly my cousin asked her what it is wrong if we three try though my sister opposed it later she agreed to do but only little but she was feeling shy at first. My cousin took all the advantage and spoke to her in sexual manner and finally my sister opened her mouth and asked us to show our cocks and we at once opened our pants and showed our hard dick and masturbated in front of her and we asked her how she will masturbate she told that she uses her hand after some time we have decided to see a porn movie and while seeing it my sister asked us to open our pants and with her two soft hands she touched mine’s and my cousin’s dick and we instructed her to shake it and we felt the horny and we compelled her to do a blow job and my cousin took his dick and inserted in to my sister’s mouth first she didn’t liked it later she agreed to do it with pleasure. We laid on the bed and my sister sat near our leg and was giving a nice blow job by bending in front and her boobs was clearly visible and I was not able to control so I got up and I pushed my cocks deep in to my sister’s mouth she was not able to talk anything since my dick has filled her mouth and I released a big load of my sperms in to her mouth and she told that it is quite good and my cousin done the same.
Then we asked our sister to show her breast even though she was shy to show to us she open her nightee and was in her pink bra and white down skirt. Her 36d breast was hanging from her bra and she slowly unhooked her bra and opened her boobs and I am first time seeing the boobs fully and from very close. first my cousin kept his hand on her left breast and gave soft pressing she was enjoying it and this time she was not feeling shy and resisting us she asked me also to join and I took her right boobs though I felt bad to do like that to my own sister I can’t stop it because I can’t tolerate that my cousin alone is enjoying so I continued and my cousin kept his mouth on her boobs and started sucking it and my sister started giving loud moaning and she caught my head and kept my head on her boobs and asked me to do the same and I was feeling shy to do it but my cousin took the boobs as much as possible in his mouth and my sister was enjoying more from my cousin I can understand that from her hand movements she was pressing my cousin head very close to her boobs and made him to take her boobs more as much as possible. And she asked my cousin to suck her right boobs since she is getting good experience from him and me and my cousin shifted our place and was sucking my sister boobs like something and while sucking itself my cousin kept his hand on her down skirt and opened it even though she wants to resist it but she didn’t do so since she was enjoying more on her top. My sister was wearing pink color panties and her legs where shining and we put her on the bed and we opened our dresses at once before my sister stop us to undress we got on to the bed and again started sucking her boobs and we asked her to catch our cocks and shake it. My god that is an experience will come only by doing it not by just reading this. And I got up and kept my cocks in her mount and fucked her mouth and my cousin did the same this time my sister can’t control herself she said that she wants to masturbate and without hesitate she opened her panties and sat in front of us and spread her legs and started doing masturbate by the time my cousin took his phone and shooted this and my sister didn’t minded it since she was enjoying more and she cummed in front of us and laid on the bed with full tiredness
After some time I got in-between her legs and started licking her pussy and my sister and she was enjoying it and was shouting yes Krishna lich your sister pussy and she was moaning ah aha ah hmmm yes lick…. Lick fast and I satisfied her and my cousin also done his job now with tiredness all three were lying in bed and my sister was lying on her stomach and was telling that she enjoyed more and while talking itself me and my cousin was pressing my sister ass and I got the mood again and got up and asked my sister to be in the same position and asked her to kneel and raise her ass and did the same this time I was licking her asshole by that time my cousin was doing lip kiss with my sister and I asked my cousin to lick my sister ass and he licked her ass and after some time she made ready his cock and parted my sister ass to keep his cook inside I got shocked by his behavior and stopped him and asked him what he is doing he said what’s wrong in doing this nothing will happen to her since we are just fucking her ass. But I didn’t agreed later he compromised me that we will do how we used to do in the night just keep our cocks in-between the cracks of the ass and enjoy and I said ok but my sister refused and we said about the enjoyment and she said to do only for one time and she laid in the middle and I asked her to sleep on one side and parted her ass and kept my cock in her big ass and I felt one kind and told her I am sorry sister for doing this she said it’s ok and I gave soft movements and asked her whether I can cum in her ass she said ok I cummed and cleaned her ass and it was my cousin’s turn he put some oil on his cock and on my sister ass saying it will be soft and he was doing the same and I thought of to bringing juice by the time and went to the kitchen and heard my sister shouting with pain when I came back and seen my cousin was leaving his cock in to my sister ass and I asked him to stop but he said its giving more enjoyment and my sister also said me let him do what he wants to do and I can’t do anything and stood there quietly. And my cousin with all pressure gave a shot and his cock went inside my sister ass and gave sometimes for my sister to relax and started fucking. My own sister was being fucked first time in her ass in front of me. They both were in doggy style and her boobs were hanging like something since we made it more bigger and my cousin was giving nice shots from back and to stop shouting my sister asked to keep something in her mouth so I kept a kerchief in her mouth and my cousin cummed and took back his cock and my sister told that she wants my cock also inside her and I applied oil on my cock and parted her ass, her asshole was already widened because of my cousin fucking since my cousin cum was inside my sister ass my cock went inside smoothly with less resistance and fucked her and this time to stop making her shout my cousin kept his cock in her mouth and fucked in her mouth. That was really pleasure due to my fucking tup tup tup….. Sound was coming from my sister ass and I released a big load of cum in my sister ass and I can’t believe that I fucked my own sister ass
She was in her full mood and begged us to eat her boobs and we both squeezed her breast and bit her nipples. And I want to stop here it since it was my sister and don’t want to make my sister a slut. But my cousin was not ready to stop the play. It was late night but we were not ready to sleep. We were lying in bed and my sister was lying in the middle all three were still naked and my sister was closing her pussy with her hand since she was feeling shy to show her private place to her brothers. By squeezing her breast itself my kept his hand on my sister pussy and asked her whether he can figure her with less resistance she agreed to do. And my cousin licked her pussy and buried his face inside my sister pussy now she started talking dirtily and shouted
Come on Prabu eat it, it’s yours tear it and suck it nicely. My cousin licked my sister pussy and told her that he going to give her more pleasure and went to the fridge and took a carrot and came and left it in my sister pussy and fucked her pussy using a carrot and my sister enjoyed it and after some time my cousin said my sister that he will leave his cock and make her more happy. Even though I was interested in it but I refused it since we doesn’t had condoms and was not ready to make my own sister to be fucked up us and become pregnant but my cousin compelled me and my sister and told that if our sperm enters her pussy only problem will come so when we are going to cum we can take out our penis. He also told for safety let her take some tablets like I-pill and unwanted-72 to prevent her from pregnancy. I agreed under this condition but not with full mind.
My sister was little afraid to do so since it is her first fucking in her pussy. But she was more interested in it but she didn’t show it out. All three were ready for the fucking but we stood quietly thinking who is going to fuck first and finally my sister opened her mouth and asked us who is going to be her first husband and also told that since it is like her first night she wants to do it somewhat like first night and told that while one is fucking me other should not see that. We agreed for that but the question was who is going to fuck her first. My cousin gave the mouth and told me to do first but for formality I asked him to do first finally my sister told us to toss a coin and decide the first person. Once more it was my bad luck my cousin won the toss and became the first husband of my sister. They both went to the dressing room which is attached to the same bed room which is very small where you can’t hide yourself fully when you lay down and also doesn’t have door. They took some time to lay down and my sister after laying down asked me to bring a pillow when I went near to the room to give the pillow I saw my cousin was applying oil to his cock and was coming to apply it to my sister also and my sister stopped him and told that we will stop and she is not willing to lose her virgin to her brothers but it was too late my cousin made jokes of her speaking and continued his job and I gave the pillow and came back and sat on the bed from where I can see my sister face and little of her boobs and nothing else I can see .
My heartbeat was rising since I am not able to stop my cousin from fucking my own sister in front of me. I was just seeing my sister eyes she was closing her eyes and I heard the sound of my cousin liking my sister pussy and I can’t understand what was going my sister face reaction was changing and she was looking down at her pussy and was doing something. Then suddenly my cousin asked to bring a new bottle of oil since the bottle with him was over and I took the new bottle rushed to the room what could I see my sister leg was spread and half of my cousin’s cock was inside my sister pussy and she was holding the remaining portion of the cock and was helping him to enter her pussy fully and his one hand was pressing her boobs what else worst scene can a brother could see other than this. I quietly went in and gave the bottle and came out and while coming out I heard my sister to shout I turned back and seen that full of my cousin cock was inside my sister pussy. I can’t see that scene any more so I came and sat in the same position and I seen m sister was moving up and down with moaning and the speed was increasing slowly and my cousin laid on my sister completely and was holding her hand with his hand and I can see both the heads and my cousin was moving on my sister and increased his speed and my sister shouted with pain and asked him to do slowly but he didn’t minded her and kissed her and told to adjust little while and he turn his face towards me and smiled at me and pressed her boobs. Now both were looking at me and were doing their fucking and my cousin told that he is going to cum but my sister told him not to stop since she has not reached her climax. My cousin told her that he can’t hold for any more and he may cum in her pussy itself but my sister told no problem that she will take some tablets later and I can understand when they cummed from their face expression. And for 15 min they took rest and my cousin prepared for the second fucking session.This time he asked her to lay on him and guided her to take his cock and the second session started. Suddenly I remembered to close a small ventilator in the dressing room and went n to close it. And now I seen my sister was on my cousin and my cousin was catching her ass and was pressing towards and away of his penis and my sister boobs were bouncing. After the climax my cousin took his cock and kept in my sister mouth and cleaned his cock.I understood that my sister has lost her full strength and can’t take my cock so I told her to take rest but she asked that she want to satisfy her own brother. So I told her that we will have next day morning since our parents will come in the evening only and my cousin will leave in the morning and I had my fucking session the next day.

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